Salt Restaurant


  • Category : Hospitality Interiors
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : VR Mall, Bangalore
  • Area : 3455 sqft
  • Year of completion : 2016

Salt Indian Restaurant, Bar & Grill at VR Mall, Bangalore is an attempt to looks beyond the obvious frills which come along with Indian restaurants and incorporates a subtle Indian vibe to a more urban ambience. The design perfectly blends with the modern Indian cuisine served at the restaurant, which is both deep rooted & progressive.

Bold use of ochre to frame the bar and main facade is a reflection of india’s colourful & vibrant culture. To complement the ochre the rest of the walls are muted either by using whites or by earthy fire-brick walls.Indian motif tiles have been used to highlight the bar and deck areas of the restaurant.Subtle carving/mouldings done for the table bases make the furniture more ethnic, but the white distressed finish gives them a much desired Indian look with a twist.

The restaurant offers a variety of seating options like the outdoor deck, raised platform in front of the bar, banquette nested inside a white portal and a mezzanine for larger groups.

The restaurant is fresh & vibrant when the light pours in from the deck during the day and more warm & intimate once the lights come on in the evening.

We have worked closely with the Clients, to break away from all the cliche elements, to create a new and pleasurable dining experience associated with Indian cuisine.