White Teak Company


  • Category : Interiors
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : New Delhi
  • Area : 2560 + 2150 sft
  • Year of completion : 2018 & 2020(extension)
  • Team : Divya, Gaurav, Suresh & Shafna

The site envelopes an installation consisting of a free flowing grid & staggered planes used as shelves and screens to layer the space. The two elements when inter-woven create numerous possibilities of displaying the products, while defining individual spaces for each of them. The installation is an experiential element as it defines the circulation and the user moves within, along or in & out of it, hence creating new visuals and relationships with the existing envelope.

The material palette is muted with a dominant use of a beige wallpaper for the envelope and dark wood for the planes inserted, so that the products on display get highlighted. The grid in contrasting swhite defines itself subtly. Specs of yellow coming from the furniture add color to the store. The wooden balances the wallpaper.

Our design was an attempt to provide an alternate ambience to a retail space for a self-illuminating product.